Tuesday, October 27, 2009

some different angle of observation...regarding every situation ...

Me with some political thinking ....
1..........)contains some political contents ...
LALGARH atleast it wake up against the unsustainable development ....
during 1.5 years or more than that we are familiar with this name -----LALGARH
waht's the reason behind that, the unknown interior area of jungle mahal become famous to all of us..if we look back... we have to go 55 years back from today..after independence the loacal people of jungle mahal(some part of west mednapure ,bankura and purulia) were promised to get lot of facilities from government (in Central nd state both) but indian government are not habituated to maintain their promise in maximum case ...repeation of this occurrence occur ed again ND it continued till 2009 ....nd on February 08 the last part of Patience has broken those simple people bursts in fair ...they want to know why after 62 years of independence they are not able to lead their life like other part of this country...why they should eat "piprer dim, kochu " in this 21 Th century ...ND what's their fault behind this punishment.. really i have no answer also our government has no answer through which they will satisfy ...today after one by one violence our chief minister give his speech ...that in every violence Mao's are involved directly..but never find the root of this incidence ... probably wen he or his party will search for the source of this problem they will find their name in there ...no some things for Mao's also at first hats off to their efforts that are present to erase the tear of people but except one thing ..i don't support their way of movement ..we should remember one thing movement with weapon ,blood ,never face success in history...they had done a good job but they should involved in discussion with government ...by killing some one they never get red off from this ..and finally i wish to god that every thing will be all right as it was...and those hardback's life should flow in the same path where today's India is blowing....

( .....though in my opinion.....)
wanna star a great controversial topic i.e is there any relation between science and spiritualism .some one says yes it have ,someone says may be, someone strictly ignore this part .however i believe that there should be a relation between those .if we consider bhagbat gita there was some question like
1>who r u?
2>from where u are coming in earth?
3> where u will go when the journey become over?
4>why u poses some different thinking than others ?
finally who r present behind Ur brain to control it?
frequently tell that we have no answer...science have no answer ...but the gita says all answer ...it looking some odd na i,e the Gita has the answer but our science don't have ....but through some common example it's clear that the last message of both are same ...but i am feeling tired right now ,i'll explain all in later ...task goes to u check my conclusion is appropriate or not?

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